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 Treasury/Vault Rules

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PostSubject: Treasury/Vault Rules   Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:22 am

General Rules

1. Any member can donate freely to the treasury/vault but all donated items and gold become guild property afterwards. This means that they cannot be freely retrieved.

2. A single treasurer can only hold a maximum of 1000k.

Treasury Rules

1. The SAS leader may use the gold to fund various guild activities, items and upgrades that may benefit the guild.

  1. The Senate has to be informed in case of a purchase of 50k or more.
  2. Purchases that take over 100k out of the treasury need to be approved by a majority of the Senate.

2. Guild members can receive a financial compensation of up to 100k from the treasury in case of scams or other unfortunate happenings. As long as the following circumstances are met.

  • The member has been in SAS for at least a month.
  • The member has an account on the forum and visits it regulary.
  • There is 'evidence' (e.g. screenshots, ...)
  • The member has participated in multiple events or donated to the treasury before.

Vault Rules

1. The guild vault contains collectables and materials. While all members can freely donate both they can only withdraw them in certain cases.

2. The collectables will be handed-out to members during the week that Nicholas desires said item.

  1. Each member has the right to one set of items, but the vault is merely complementary (e.g. If you already have 3 of the 15 items then you will only receive 12 items).
  2. Members will receive their sets on a 'first come, first served' basis.
  3. It is forbidden to try and sell the items you received from the vault. Offenders will have to hand all items back to the Vault and will be banned from its service for a month. In addition they will have to pay to fine of 1k per item they tried to sell and 2k per item they actually sold. Subsequent offenses will be punished more severely.

3. Any sets not taken after 3 days will be sold in Kamadan and the profits will be added to the treasury ( If at all possible, 2 sets will be kept in reserve until the weekend).

4. The materials can be received for the following reasons if a request is made.

  • To create consets for an 'official' guild event or any event with at least 4 guild members joining. The request needs to be made at least 48 hours in advance.
  • For the crafting of weapons/armor.

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Treasury/Vault Rules
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