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 What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?

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PostSubject: What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?   Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:52 am

I tryed the demo version of GW2 and the time they give is not enough to choose if you would like to buy or not.

The dynamics is so diferent. Anyone is playing and can give opinion?
Still being outpost or everyone is with everybody fighting in the areas?

just comment if the game is similar and just the apparence change or by the cotrary is a completly different game

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PostSubject: Re: What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?   Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:22 am

It's a completely different game.
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PostSubject: Re: What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?   Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:44 am

First of all: GW2 is a completly different game! The only connection between GW and GW2 is the lore.

At first I was very excited when I bought GW2. And in the very beginning I was really amazed by the game. I was pretty certain that I'd never return to GW. I leveled my first character lvl 80 (Human/Ranger) and realised there was no sufficiant end-game content.
So I decided to lvl another character lvl 80 hoping that Anet would add some cool new content during thw time I'm lvling my 2nd character. However, nothing happened except for a few new events and the "living story" mini add ons.

Then I realized that GW2 is really lacking skills. The first 5 skills of your skill bar are determind by your main and off-hand weapon/s. The next 5 skills are your own choice but every GW player would notice the low number of available skills.
GW2 doesn't have nearly as many skills as GW and this is, at least for me, very boring. I always enjoyed creating a new build in GW with its huge diversity of skills. I really missed that in GW2.

It is also almost impossible to die during the main-missions. I found GW2 to be a very easy game. I believe the goal of Anet is to attract a much wider audience. They tried and succeeded to create a mainstream game.

It also doesn't require any skills to defeat a huge Dragon-Boss in GW2. They randomly spawn within the open-world and if you find enough players you can easily kill them.

Anet created a awesome PvP-System in GW. However, nothing's left of this in GW2. The number of players is deciding who's winning in WvWvW. And the other PvP options aren't better, either.

The guild system in GW2 is missing everything we are used to in GW.
There are NO GUILDHALLS, NO CAPES and there's (as if that wasn't already enough) no GvG.
I also experienced the GW2 comunity to be much worse than in GW.

The only good aspects that pop into my mind are:

-very good graphics
-you can jump and swim
-you can dodge
-the jumping puzzles are fun
-cool weapon skins (Legendary weapons)
-the black lion corporation

Pls excuse my bad english
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Alpha Panda
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Alpha Panda

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PostSubject: Re: What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?   Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:09 pm

I am sad to hear that, Bierbauch. Sad 

About the GW2 community, in my experience you can judge how 'mature' (for lack of a better word) a community is by how detailed their Wiki's are. Being an Elder Scrolls fan, you are familiar with the UESPwiki right? The Skyrim pages are ( or were for a long time ) far less detailed than the Morrowind pages for example despite there being way more people playing it. I took a look at the GW2wiki last week and it was also very badly done. Especially compared to GWwiki.

Also, for a series that calls itself Guild Wars the Guild system has always been very much lacking in options.

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PostSubject: Re: What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?   

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What do you prefer Guild Wars 1 o GW2?
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