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Should the Guild be split into an American and an European wing?
The SAS Lottery: How does it work? I_vote_lcap0%The SAS Lottery: How does it work? I_vote_rcap
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The SAS Lottery: How does it work? I_vote_lcap100%The SAS Lottery: How does it work? I_vote_rcap
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February 2023


 The SAS Lottery: How does it work?

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The SAS Lottery: How does it work? Empty
PostSubject: The SAS Lottery: How does it work?   The SAS Lottery: How does it work? I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 04, 2013 6:25 am


The reason I started up the SAS lottery is because it is a fun and easy way to make some money. More than that, it will help fund the Guild and the element of chance is always fun. Due to the 'low' prize of tickets there is little risk involved too.

How does it work?

You can all buy lottery tickets with me. I can ,of course, not give you actual in-game tickets but I will keep track with old fashioned pen & paper as well as screenshots.

Whenever you buy a lottery ticket you get to choose 3 numbers from 1 to 10 and the position matters ( e.g. 1 8 2 is not the same as 8 1 2). Those tickets cost 1k each and you can buy a max. of 5 (all with different numbers). A 10 counts as a 0.

Then each sunday I will roll a 10-sided die in the Guild Hall three times (in the presence of at least two witnesses) and the winner will win all the ticket money (besides the 10% comission that will go straight to the Guild treasury). If there is no winner then the prize money will be added to that of the next week etc.


  • You can buy a max. of 5 tickets per member, not per Guild Wars account.
  • There have to be at least 1 witness present whenever I roll the dice.
  • 10% of the Ticket prizes will be added to the Guild treasury.


Rikor Anthys: 142, 320, 581, 734, 989
Initiate Ufriel: 117, 214, 331, 666, 561
Alpha Panda: 024, 797, 904, 826, 317
Selix Nalka: 125, 321, 132, 312, 213
Tony Lionheart I: 727, 500, 124, 427, 801
Mr. Impact: 123, 456, 789
Wulfric Frostfang: 249, 328, 437, 542, 612
David Le Tuer: 555, 647, 820, 310, 469

Donations to the Pot

Initiate Ufriel: 5k
Corana Nella: 50k
Alpha Panda: 50k
Eargons Dragonrider: 5k
Dame Yukiko: 250 War Supplies (Getting the first 2 numbers right will earn you 50 War Supplies as well).
X Crazy Tony X: Everlasting Hero Tonics (White) and a Magmas Shield (Getting the first number right will earn you one of those)

Current Prize Pot: 198.200 Gold

Sunday 20/10 (First Lottery): 5-8-5
Witness: None, due to lack of interest at the time of the drawing
Alpha Panda got the first number correctly (514) and won an Everlasting Norgu tonic.
Sunday 13/10 (First Lottery): 3-1-9
Witness: Axone Dhuum
Which means that both Crazy Tony and Eargons Dragonrider got the first 2 numbers right and win 50 War Supplies each.
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The SAS Lottery: How does it work?
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